Are you ready to be a counselor or CIT at summer camp?  Fill out the application below! (note that this application requires a 250 word essay and requires you to commit to a few dates)

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Summer camp is a fun Catholic summer camp. We should always be conscious and modest in our dress but especially so when representing Christ and His Church. These will be enforced. Here are a few basic guidelines to abide by  No shirts that contain artwork or words contradictory to the teachings of the Church, are o ensive or inappropriate in nature (ex. nudity or sexually explicit references, beer or drug references, anything anti-Christian including bands, mov- ies, etc.)  Shorts and skirts must reach at least the tip of the middle finger when standing with hands straight down to your sides  No spaghetti strap, tube top, low cut, or mid-ri baring shirts. Guys should wear shirts at all times unless swimming.  No 2 piece swimsuits (i.e. bikini). Chest and stomach should be covered (spaghetti strap shirts may only be worn to cover a bikini top while swimming).
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