Summer Camp Small Groups

Below is a link to a preliminary small group list.  We try our best to accommodate all requests but sometimes it is not possible.  However, it is our desire for the youth to have at least one friend in their small group to enhance their camp experience.  It is in these small groups where connections are made to community and we want to be sure your child has the best possible chance of making those connections.

Please review the small group list.  Most importantly, make sure your child is in the correct grade level.  If they are not in a group with a friend and you see a friend in another group, we are happy to make change as long as the groups stay balanced.  If you would like to make a change, please email Lori Miller.  This list is not final- a final list will be posted later this week.  Unless your child made a specific request, it is possible their group will change.  Thanks!

Click here to view the small group list